Marie Cibot


December – January (2 months): Uganda
Second PhD field period

November 2013 (3 weeks): Democratic Republic of Congo
Kinshasa: SFDP symposium and visit of Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary
Bolobo’s territory (Nkala, Mamouene): visit of a conservation community site NGO Mbou-Mon-Tour and observations of wild bonobos (with Narat Victor)

Objective: comparison with chimpanzee behaviours

February – April 2013 (3 months): Uganda
First PhD field period

July – August 2012 (2 months): Uganda
Objective (Master field period): a feasibility study for the PhD project

July – August 2011 (2 months): Uganda
Objective:  study of the impact of food availability and human activities on the spatial habitat use by chimpanzees

June – July 2010 (2 months): Uganda
Objective:  chimpanzee habituation



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